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It isn’t over. Sharp Magazine dedicated an article to Lauren Cohan and yes, we have a new photoshoot in which Lauren is gorgeous, sexy & at the same time she looks like an angel. I must admit that for the founder of a Fanclub that started everything when Lauren was just at the beginning of her bright career and that made all this to make her famous because she deserved it… this is really a great satisfaction. Lauren on 5 magazines & 5 new photoshoots in just one month. I’m so happy for her, just saying… interview by Greg Hudson. ENJOY & run on the FB Page to see all the pictures!!!

Lauren Cohan Is the Best Part of The Walking Dead,
Lauren Cohan reveals why we love the women we love.

Lauren Cohan’s accent is nomadic. It’s like she’s supposed to be playing a Brit, but she can’t quite keep a grasp on the pronunciation, intonation or tone. She keeps slipping, her dialect a war of independence, her American accent peeking through. In that sense—and only in that sense—she sounds a little like a Canadian great-grandmother. It’s charming as hell. Especially since she doesn’t look one whit like a Canadian great-grandmother. It’s too bad these pictures can’t talk.

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Yeah, I know… Lauren’s appearances on magazines & photoshoots are like the spread of a virus this month, she’s everywhere!!! With the only exception that we’re talking about a wonderful virus so I’m pretty sure that no one is complaining. This month Lauren is on Felix Magazine too, Issue 10 – 2014 and apparently we have an other interesting interview (by Anya Krenicki) to read & an other breathtaking photoshoot by Isaac Alvarez to look with a speechless face. Here’s the interview, run on our FB Page to see all the pictures. I’m sure she loved to have her long hair back even if just for a photoshoot, Supernatural’s fans?! Bela is back!!! Hair by Makiko, makeup by Ashleigh Louer, stylist: Carley Rinker, location: Shan Social House in Beverly Hills.

Lauren Cohan says that it’s too late for her—she’s got the bug. No, she’s not referring to a lethal, infectious zombie bite which she has been diligently dodging as Maggie Greene on the smash AMC show The Walking Dead. Rather, she’s speaking of her ‘bug’ for acting.

“I didn’t think about the downsides of pursuing acting when I first started,” says Cohan. “I just enjoyed doing it, then you start auditioning and you’re scrutinized for things beyond your control, you’re not getting the job and you think ‘I must be bonkers to do this.’ But once you realize those pitfalls, you already are invested…I got the bug, you know? And by the time you have the bug, it’s too late.”

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This is the wonderful video that Bacon and Sons Film Co. made for AMC to say THANK YOU! to the fans of The Walking Dead. It was one of the commercials aired during the Premiere on Sunday & it’s dedicated to us… OK, I’ll admit it, I got a bit teary-eyed (during the show, during the commercials, oh my!!!). Yet another confirmation that this show is great as much as his fans. ENJOY!!!

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Lauren was also on ContentMode Magazine this month with an other interesting interview by Laura Albert and an incredible photoshoot by Mary Rozzi. Enjoy!!!

My son, 16, T Fyia, is a huge fan. He asked this question: In your character’s world you are one of limited hope, where the daily question is survival. How much do you give yourself over that experience?

The best part about the show is how important it is to stay in the moment. It’s vital for the characters and who doesn’t want more of that in life?

Has your sense or experience of the world changed for you since becoming part of this show? Does the orginary world seem different, more desperate or dangerous, after having immersed yourself in these situations?

Not desperate, but I do find myself in quiet situations where I indulge my imagination, a waiting room with no one in it, near empty shops or supermarkets and imagine what it would feel like if no group of people, or family or happy, couple ever filled it up again.

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October is the best month ever. Not only because The Walking Dead is back but also because Lauren appears everywhere to promote the new season of the show. Radio podcasts, talk shows, conventions, magazines. Magazines like Nylon Magazine with a lovely interview by Todd Longwell & a wonderful photoshoot by Shane Mccauley. Enjoy & remember that our Facebook Page is updated in real time.

“I don’t worry about death,” says Lauren Cohan, over a cup of black coffee outside the Hollywood Corner café in Los Angeles. “It’s definitely going to happen.” What might sound like dime-store philosophy is, in fact, hard-won equanimity from the actress, best known for her role as scrappy-yet-ever-imperiled Maggie on AMC’s The Walking Dead, a show that has made regular sport of killing off its most popular characters. Playing a survivor of the zombie apocalypse has forced Cohan to maintain a healthy detachment. She can’t even say if Maggie lives on at this moment: As Cohan drinks her coffee, cameras are rolling in Atlanta on the eighth episode of the show’s fifth season, which debuts on October 12. Does Maggie make it that far? “I can’t say if I figure into that at all,” says Cohan. “A big theme of the show is that we can’t talk about it.”

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Lauren & Craig Ferguson = fun & weird moments. Last Thursday Lauren was in television on 2 different channels almost at the same time and this has caused the explosion of some American television, oh no! Just kidding, sort of. Our Queen Gorgeous left everyone speechless on “The Late Late Show” with her extraordinary launch of the rugby ball, her usual bright smile & a stunning black sexy dress so… I totally agree with Craig who admitted “Everything is great, perfect!”. Enough said. ENJOY & HAVE FUN!!!

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As it has been in every year since 2010, last Thursday The Walking Dead’s Cast were in Los Angeles to celebrate the new Season. The event was sponsored by Dos Equis and Jose Cuervo Cinge and yes, of course I’m talking about the 5th Season. This year Lauren matched the red carpet and killed photographer and fans with a red-hot spaghetti-strap Zimmermann dress. This is what Dailymail.co.uk wrote about her.

Lauren was looking rather pleased with herself as she daringly ran the gauntlet of the pre-showing photographers. And why not, for she was a particularly ravishing lady in red in her pleasingly plunging gown, which also showcased her perfect pins. The classy 32-year-old also managed to earn some brownie points among her ever growing male fanbase by taking some time to autographs. On the red carpet she posed up with the show’s resident beefcakes Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus (the talented threesome).

Here’s the hilarious video by “Extra” in which the Cast reveals how they get out of the train boxcar and if they’re dealing with cannibals.  Ahahah these are the types of videos that make me wish for a reality show featuring the cast of The Walking Dead. On Thursday Lauren was on The Late Late Show and Tim & Eric’s bedtime Stories too.

Lauren-Cohan-GQ-Oct14_1 Lauren-Cohan-GQ-Oct14_2 Lauren-Cohan-GQ-Oct14_4 lauren-cohan-gq-magazine-october-2014-issue_1

Photoshoot by Marc Hom – Video by Eric Longden – Interview by Marc Bayne for GQ Magazine:

“I’d always fantasized about playing a southern role,” says Lauren Cohan in her natural British accent. “I definitely had this idea” – and here she breaks into the farm-girl drawl that defines Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead – “she’d be soooo southern.” She reverts to British. “I had to deal that in slightly.” The ventriloquist act comes from a rootless childhood, jumping from New Jersey to Georgia (a year, but it stuck), back o New Jersey, then to the UK. Decades later, Cohan’s still got the wide-eyed fascination of a kid who moved a lot – as happy in the gritty loft she once occupied in downtown L.A. as in her current suburban Atlanta home, and probably as happy as she’d be on the Montana ranch she fantasized about retiring to.
“You could spin the flipping globe and put me anywhere on itand I’d be happy.” Wait, flipping? She lets out a loud laugh. “I never realized how much I actually curse until I read a couple of interviews, and I was like: You need to find a different word.” See? Adaptable.

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Hunt or be hunted & never let your guard down!!! Just 24 days, it’s gonna be EPIC. Oct. 12th @ 9/8c on AMC.

The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun & Lauren Cohan by Entertainment Weekly

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