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Yeah!!! We finally have the official trailer of “Reach Me”, the 2013′s drama movie centered on a group of people who all have a connection to a self-help book authored by a reclusive former football coach in which Lauren played Kate. The movie, with an incredible Cast, looks like a mashup of multiple genre films and I’m glad to see that Lauren is starring in a romantic comedy for once after all this blood & guts. Well, Reach Me opens in U.S. theaters on October 24th, 2014 and after 19 months I can truly say that I look forward to watch this movie!!!


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Last Sunday we tasted a little bit of The Walking Dead Season 5 thanks to an exclusive episode of Talking Dead. Lauren chatted with Chris Hardwick about the new season. Basically she said that now we all know that, for the first time, the season will start with the group in serious danger, trapped and that we will “get to see members of the group that didn’t even know were badass getting badass.” We also had the pleasure to watch a sneak peek from the episode 5×01 in which Carol, Tyreese & Judith are surrounded by walker and they’re trying to run away & survive. Caaaan’t wait. Just 3 months, ENJOY!!!


Happy Independence Day again USA! Apparently today you have a great way to celebrate… the Dead White and Blue Weekend full-series marathon starts today, leading up to the Season 5 Talking Dead Preview Special on Sunday July 6th at 9/8c on AMC with special guests & an inside look at the new season. Don’t miss it!!!

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Happy 4th of July USA!!! We finally have news & videos from the Set of The Walking Dead Season 5. Yay!!! Check out these great videos by AMC. The  cast and crew welcome you back to the set of Season 5 & recount their favorite walker kills, deadly props, and exhausting moments in the Georgia heat while filming the show.

Can’t wait, I love this time of year… just 3 months!!!


Happy to announce that Lauren will attend the NEW Walker Stalker Con in New York/New Jersey from Saturday December 13 to Sunday December 14, 2014. The event will take place @ the Meadowlands Exposition Center, New Jersey. Lauren will be there with Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney, Chandler Riggs, Michael Cudlitz, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Sonequa Martin-Green, Jeff Kober, IronE Singleton, Alanna Masterson, Christian Serratos, Greg Nicotero and a lot of other great guests.

You can get your tickets & the Lauren Cohan VIP PASS now!

Do you remember that super-cool kid who expressed his love to Lauren during the Q&A at the New York Comic Con 2013? Yes, Xavian…our mascot! Check out this video if you want to re-watch the reaction of Lauren & the rest of the cast at the NYCC, Xavian @ min. 40:00. Well guys, he finally met Lauren @ the Philadelphia Comic Con few days ago and this is his lovely recap of the meeting & his wonderful picture. Thank you so much Xavian for sharing this great story with us, we are all so happy for you and we wish you a lot of future meetings with her.

ENJOY the read!

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Going to Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con again was a very exciting moment for me, but something else made the convention even more exciting and that was that Lauren Cohan was going to be there at the convention. That moment was one of the most happiest moments of my life knowing that I’m going to meet her because for a couple of years I have been dying to meet her.

Saturday is the day I went to the convention which is the day that Lauren was there. I’ve waited for a while until she arrived at the convention, then eventually she came and my mom saw her first and told me then when I saw her I was shocked by her beauty and the fact that I’m seeing and meeting her in person.

Waiting in line to meet her made me even more nervous as I got closer and closer to her. But then finally when it was my time to meet her I went up and I said HI to her as she did the same and then I shook her hand… and her hand was so soft for some reason and I kind of liked it. Then my mom told her about the last time I saw her at NYC Comic Con 2013 when I asked her that question and she remembered me which was awesome that she actually would remember me. She was also so surprised to see me and I was happy to see her again too. I gave my mom the poster for her to sign The Walking Dead poster that we have a lot of signatures on it already and it is a pretty big honor for me to have her signature on there along with the others. After she signed it and we were about to leave I told her that she was gorgeous and she said I was gorgeous too which was actually a very nice compliment.

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200k iLikes on Facebook & 300k hits here… WOW!!!!!

Thank you so much, you’re incredible. Actually, your love & dedication for Lauren is incredible… and it tells me that making this Fanclub 4 years ago was the perfect idea!  I’d like to give you a message from Lauren to celebrate this goal but unfortunately I don’t have links with her & then, I guess she’s very busy. I repeat again & I know for sure that she knows about this Fanclub and that she definitely appreciates your support & love. Here below you can watch the video in which she leaves a message for all her fans during the Artist On Demand‘s interview 2 years ago. Thank you very much for following the FBPage, the website and all the other accounts of the “Lauren Cohan Fanclub”, thanks for sharing your pictures, stories and for all your hilarious & lovely comments everywhere, you’re the best fans in the world.

Stay always tuned, have a wonderful week & ENJOY!!!

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The Philadelphia Comic Con is over and a lot of fans met our Lauren Cohan. I read a lot of lovely comments & congratulation to all the lucky fans there. Thank you all for sharing wonderful pictures. If you want to tell us any trivia about the meeting with her write to laurencohanfc@gmail.com. Have a great Sunday ahead guys!


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Lauren arrived at the Philadelphia Comic Con 2014. A lot of lucky fans are in line to have her autograph right now. We already have a first look, thank you all in advance for the pictures & follow our FB Page for the updates.

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The Walker Stalker Con 2014 in Boston is over and a lot of fans are really happy & nostalgic right now. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful photos with Lauren, here’s a little clip of the signing session (credits: Kamrynn). If you want to share the story of your meeting too just write to laurencohanfc@gmail.com or write a private message on our Facebook Page. This weekend Philadelphia Comic Con. Stay tuned!


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We already have some wonderful pictures of Lauren with her fans right now at the Walker Stalker Con 2014 in Boston. The Staff changed the schedule because Lauren arrived after lunch, her flight was delayed last night and she took a flight this morning. I’m glad that she has done everything possible to be there and I’m so happy for all the fans there. Have fun guys & thanks for sharing your great photos with all of us.

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