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TV Stars discuss their Comic-Con survival tips on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht.

EW talks to the cast of The Walking Dead & they can’t give any serious answers about the show.

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Check out Lauren, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun & Danai Gurira totally selling Andrew Lincoln out. Is what they say true, or just all made up in an effort to further embarrass the man who plays Rick Grimes? Watch and judge for yourself. Ahahah, so hilarious. Miss them.

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This weekend Lauren was one of the guests at the Fan Expo Canada 2014. She met a lot of fans, she took tons of pictures with them & she answered to the questions about The Walking Dead during a panel. Click on the pictures to see the Gallery & watch the videos below. Click here to watch a clip from the signing session. Special “thank you” to all the fans, so happy for you!!! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page updated in real time.

These are two great videos shared by AMC from the San Diego Comic Con 2014. Backstage with the Cast & fans meeting the Cast at the Comic-Con BBQ. Waiting for the new season premieres Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9pm.

Stay tuned!!!

FOX ITALY shared this lovely video-interview with Lauren during the San Diego Comic Con. Italian fans will be very happy to finally have some subtitles ahah. Lauren is adorable and funny as always, great answers. ENJOY!!

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Ahahahah. Still laughing because of this interview by The Nerd Machine. Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Lauren, Norman Reedus & Danai Gurira attended a “Conversation For A Cause” with the fans at the San Diego Comic Con on Saturday. One-hour of funny answers, they’re hilarious and their lovely answers at the end are touching. Besides, they helped Nerd HQ raise $8k for Operation Smile. That’s so awesome… ENJOY & SMILE!!!

Note: Apparently Lauren had a proposal from a 6-years-old
fan in Boston & she said YES, game over boys!!! LOL

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Well, this trailer speaks for itself… the next season will be epic and it’s funny because we say the same thing every year but it’s true, this tv-show improves year by year! First info, the show returns on Sunday, October 12th on AMC. Second info, the first episode will probably last 90 minutes, Greg Nicotero said “We literally made an entire movie within nine days!”

News from the Panel: When it’s been asked whether the characters will ever leave the train car seen at the end of season 4, Gimple said he’d rather show a clip from episode 15 of season 5 to answer that question. That clip was a sitcom-style video of Andrew LincolnSteven Yeun with grey beards sitting in the train cart, eating pieces of their fallen cohorts. Glenn offers Rick a piece of meat, and when Rick asks who it is, Glenn says “I think it’s Carl.” Rick at first rebuffs the idea of eating his son, then subsequently chows down. Ahahahah, yeah of course it was just a funny gag. Then Scott confirmed that we will see the story of Terminus whill Robert Kirkman said this will be probably a season that’s pretty close to the comics. The panel was hilarious & after the question “Could Glenn and Maggie ever settle down and have a normal life, if a cure was found?” Lauren said there’d likely be other baddies out there to battle.

July 24th -  Walking Dead’s Cocktail Party with the fans.

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July 25thBreakfast Press Conference + Panel & Signing Session + After Party.

1 SDCC 07-25 (84) AMC's "The Walking Dead" Panel - Comic-Con International 2014 SDCC 07-25 (41)

July 26th“Conversation For A Cause”with The Nerd Machine + TV Guide Magazine Yatch.

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The San Diego Comic Con this year has been a blast & Lauren shared a lot of pics on WhoSay in real time. Actually everybody shared a lot of pictures & tweets… three days full of new pictures, events, videos & news, it’s been a rush and it isn’t over. We will probably have news from the SDCC until October. What about the trailer of The Walking Dead Season 5?!? Wooooh. When I watched the trailer for the first time, at the end I was totally shocked. I looked at the screen for ten minutes and then I said at loud “Wow, it’s gonna be great!” … October 12 guys, October 12! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook because it’s updated in real time & stay tuned!

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Yeah!!! We finally have the official trailer of “Reach Me”, the 2013′s drama movie centered on a group of people who all have a connection to a self-help book authored by a reclusive former football coach in which Lauren played Kate. The movie, with an incredible Cast, looks like a mashup of multiple genre films and I’m glad to see that Lauren is starring in a romantic comedy for once after all this blood & guts. Well, Reach Me opens in U.S. theaters on October 24th, 2014 and after 19 months I can truly say that I look forward to watch this movie!!!


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Last Sunday we tasted a little bit of The Walking Dead Season 5 thanks to an exclusive episode of Talking Dead. Lauren chatted with Chris Hardwick about the new season. Basically she said that now we all know that, for the first time, the season will start with the group in serious danger, trapped and that we will “get to see members of the group that didn’t even know were badass getting badass.” We also had the pleasure to watch a sneak peek from the episode 5×01 in which Carol, Tyreese & Judith are surrounded by walker and they’re trying to run away & survive. Caaaan’t wait. Just 3 months, ENJOY!!!


Happy Independence Day again USA! Apparently today you have a great way to celebrate… the Dead White and Blue Weekend full-series marathon starts today, leading up to the Season 5 Talking Dead Preview Special on Sunday July 6th at 9/8c on AMC with special guests & an inside look at the new season. Don’t miss it!!!

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